Who’s behind EARWEAR?
The Austrian family business Neuroth, which has over 105 years of experience in the acoustics industry.

Where is my nearest partner store?
You can currently have individual EARWEAR Hearing Protection Devices fitted in Neuroth partner stores across Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia. Find the store nearest to you here.

Why should I choose EARWEAR?
EARWEAR removes distractions from troublesome background noise. Our Hearing Protection Devices are customised to your needs and enable you to hear only what you want to hear. And if you need to protect your ears straight away, we have developed the Intro Line, a product that provides reliable protection against noise without making your ears feel as if they’re blocked up. Simply order Intro Line online.

What are acoustic filters?
We distinguish between two types of filters: linear and nonlinear. Linear filters reduce the decibel level without distorting sound, nonlinear filters provide specific protection against very loud noise, whilst enabling you to hear speech clearly.

What’s the difference between normal earplugs and EARWEAR?
With normal earplugs you feel as if your ears are blocked up. But our specially developed EARWEAR products with sophisticated filter technology allow air into your ear even after you’ve inserted them, which gets rid of any sense of occlusion or discomfort.

What kind of decibel level can damage your ears?
Prolonged exposure to noise levels of over 85 decibels – for instance, traffic noise – puts your health at risk. Noise can lead to increased blood pressure and interfere with concentration and sleep. Even brief exposure to loud noise, such as a visit to a club or a shot being fired close by, can permanently damage your hearing.

What happens when my hearing is damaged?
Decibels of too high a level damage the hair cells in our ears, which are responsible for detecting sound vibrations. Long-term exposure to 85 dB or above can cause lasting damage. Unfortunately it is not possible to restore function to hair cells that have been destroyed. And the result is hearing loss – also known as Noise-induced Hearing Loss.

What are faceplates?
Faceplates sit visible in your ear and turn your EARWEAR Hearing Protection into a one-off piece. For the first edition of our Design Line we sourced pictures from the work of Graz photographer LupiSpuma, which fit perfectly with our four categories of Speed, Sports, Work und Relax. Our special production process allows us in principle to print our faceplates with any design.

Why do you offer soft and hard hearing protection devices?
You choose soft or hard hearing protection, depending on what suits you best. For bikers we recommend soft hearing protection that fits perfectly under your helmet. DIY enthusiasts are better off with hard hearing protection, which is pretty much indestructible. Whatever your passion, the acoustic specialists in our partner stores will help you to decide which material is best for you and your ears.

Can I get EARWEAR in my favourite colour?
EARWEAR is available in the widest range of colours – there’s sure to be one for you. Color Line Soft comes in 13 different colours, for example. For the purists amongst you we have developed the Titanium Line, a particularly resilient product, in matt or polished titanium. The Intro Line is only available in black, but looks pretty snazzy all the same.

Is EARWEAR available in different sizes?
Our products are each customised to your auditory canal, which means that they are available in exactly YOUR size. The Intro Line is not customised, but will sit perfectly in your ears thanks to its unique shape.



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