How do i get my indivividually tailored ear plugs?

Since our custom-fit ear plugs are produced individually for each and every customer, the tailored ar plugs cannot be ordered online. Nevertheless, you can get your perfectly fitting ear plugs in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: The best idea is to either head to your nearest Neuroth partner store or to arrange an arrange an appointment online to get an impression of your ear canals taken.

Step 2: Using 3D-printing methods, we will then produce your individual ear plugs on the basis of your individual impression.

Step 3: You can either have your finished ear plugs delivered directly to your home or pick them up at your Neuroth partnerstore.

To produce top-flight hearing protection devices you have to work with the best in the business. The Austrian family business Neuroth has been amassing experience in the manufacture of hearing protection systems for more than 105 years. All of this knowledge has gone into EARWEAR.

And so has its unparalleled attention to detail.



You’ll find them in an idyllic location in the middle of a wood: the high-tech 3D printers we use to produce EARWEAR Hearing Protection Devices, and the whole team that hand-produces and fine-tunes your hearing protection device. In Wolfsberg in Schwarzautal, to be exact. As well as offering first-rate cuisine and producing outstanding wines, the town is also host to the best ear protection technicians in the world.

And we don’t just produce top-flight ear protection systems, we demonstrate them too. The Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft (World of Discovery) tour gives you a glimpse of our workshop and allows you to see our systems in production. Register here. 


Neuroth AG, Schmiedlstraße 1, 8042 Graz

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